Heating Services in Wilmington, NC

When your HVAC system becomes sluggish or begins to fail completely, you need to have a team of qualified professionals to help you on your way to a better indoor climate. We pride ourselves on the expertise our specialists have acquired over the years of hands-on experience and quality training. Let our team guide you through the selection process for your new heating installation in Hampstead to ensure your home or business feels the way it should, year-round.

Heating Installation FAQ

Do I Need a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps help in both the summer and winter by moving the hot air in and out of the house, depending on whether you are heating or cooling. That means you can heat less cold air using your HVAC system in the winter and cool less warm air inside your house in the summer. This can dramatically increase the efficiency of your HVAC system because you don’t have to actually warm or cool the air you move, and moving air uses much less energy than heating or cooling it does.

Will Zones Help My Home Stay Comfortable?

Our team at Anderson Air can assess your home to see what solutions will best accommodate your needs. Larger homes often benefit from multi-zone setups to help keep your home comfortable without wasting energy controlling the climate in areas you don’t use.

Our professional technicians will install your system and then explain how to use it so you won’t miss out on new features or benefits.

What If I Use Propane?

Our technicians can help explain how to safely set up and use your new propane or natural gas furnace. We can show you important safety considerations and how to reset your system in case of an outage.

Whether natural gas, propane, or electric systems, we can install the best system for you based on your needs and budget. To help, we offer valuable service coupons for added savings on your heating needs in Hampstead. Contact us today to schedule heating installation with our experienced team of HVAC technicians.

Need Service?

Anderson Air is ready to make you comfortable again. To schedule HVAC maintenance & repair service, simply contact us by filling out an online form or clicking to call during regular business hours. A representative will be in touch to get you scheduled as quickly as possible.

For after-hours or emergency service, we do offer 24-hour a-day service scheduling. Please click here to see our emergency service information.