Your HVAC System has Been Tested Already

Carrier is the only manufacturer with 19 psychometric chambers for research and development. A psychometric facility is a two-chamber laboratory that tests the safety, reliability, and performance of our products in a controlled environment. Carrier is the only brand that tests every unit before it is sent out for delivery guaranteeing that when that system left the factory, it was working at one hundred percent efficiency. Our competitors only test their systems randomly.

Why Carrier

We Engineer What the Others Replicate

Carrier holds more patents than the next 5 competitors combined. For more than 100 years, Carrier has been leading the industry with innovative ideas. Pursuing excellence in heating and cooling solutions for homeowners in Wilmington, NC and all over the world.

Why Carrier

We Invented the Air Conditioner

Willis Carrier, a young research engineer designed the first modern air-conditioning system on July 17, 1902, after realizing water could be used to remove moisture from the air. Little did he know that his invention would lead to the launch of a company that would create an entire industry.

Why Carrier

Carrier Only Uses 100% U.S. Steel

Unlike our competitors, Carrier believes in using materials and products manufactured in the United States. Designed in Indianapolis, this is where innovation happens. Our research, development, engineers, designers and quality control, work to innovate and build equipment right here at home.

Why Carrier


Carrier incorporates sustainability into everything we do. To do right by the planet and our employees, communities, customers and shareholders.

Why Carrier

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